Anyone Remember Me?

I seem to receive a lot of emails from people looking for certain people that they went to school with or perhaps are related to and have lost touch with over the years. So I have decided to start this page in the hope that it will help people get in touch!!

So if you wish to look for someone or just want to ask if anyone remembers you, drop me an email and I will put it up for you!!!

(Let me know if there are any success stories and I will put them up too!!)

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I would be grateful if you could let me know if any of the requests below do not have valid email addresses and I will remove them. Also if you change your email address let me know.

Thank you



Just found this site, I lived on Alfred Road Seacombe from birth in 1941 until it was put under the hammer at the end of 1958/60? We then moved to "NEW" house on Rankin St I lived their until I married in 1963, moved New Brighton, then Linden grove in Liscard, then to Birkenhead, from there emigrated to Canada in June 1963.

I had 3 brothers Peter, Robert and Ronald, 3 sisters Margaret, Linda and Patricia, I remember the old New Brighton very well, my dad was a lifeguard both in the New Brighton swimming pool and at Egremont beach, he also worked on the Wallasey ferries at times,

Does any one remember me or my family?

Photo's from New Prighton pool


 My dad George Etherington at far right, can you name the others


Photo of my dad at New Brighton pool (George Etherington), he is the one in the suit, can any one put a name to the other's in photo?

Taken at a guess early 50's



Here is one by himself around early 50's?

this one do not know where it was taken, can anyone name them my dad is second from left George Etherington


Albert Etherington-------------CANADA

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