Some Comments (and a lot of memories) Received About This Site!!

I would like to thank those of you who have taken time to share your memories with me, I very much enjoy your emails and do reply if I have the time. So keep those emails coming and share your memories with the frequent visitors to this site.

Hi Diane, What a great site you have got going. New Brighton brings back loads of memories for me as in the 50s and 60s I did most of my courting in and around the fairground and the New Brighton baths. We now live in Southampton and came up to the Wirral about twelve months ago and it was so depressing to see the old town as it doesn't resemble anything that it was. Anyhow keep up the good work and keep me informed of anything new you come up with. Many thanks Bill Gornall

Hello Diane,

My name is now James Giles. I was born James Scott on the 29/05/1950. My mothers maiden Is Catherine McLennan Campbell. She had three sisters all younger now sadly dead called Dhina, Evelign and Wilma. My Grandfather was called Achibald Campbell, he worked for Harland and Walfe (not sure if that is spelt right). My birth name was James Scott and I know nothing of my father. The family when they where alive refused to talk about him. I'm only guessing but he was probably a Catholic because our family were Protestants and my Grandfather it seems made him unwelcome. But enough of that.

My Mother who is still alive and living in Devon bless her. However she use to be the Manageress of the Milk Bar on New Brighton Pier in the late 40's at a time when her boss died jumping from the Pier to the Ferry.

My Grandmother and Grandfather ran a boarding house at 86 Victoria Road facing the Co-op. My Aunt Dhina had a flat in Egremont Street. All my early years in particular school holidays were spent in New Brighton. I have really good memories about the place, such as the Tower minus the tower, the open air pool, the miniature railway, the fun fair and arcades, not forgetting the indoor fair which I believe was called the palace fairground.

I forgot to mention the Winter Gardens and the Punch and Judy show outside. Lastly I remember a bakery called The Teapot and a sweet shop of which the name escapes me, that had a machine in the window which folded soft candy.

Sorry if I have bored you but they were special times the like of which my children and grandchildren will never experience which is a great shame.


Jim Giles

I visited New Brighton this evening with my husband and children. I could still visualise New Brighton as it was. As we drove along the front I could remember what it was like when I was a child and would visit New Brighton on a Sunday afternoon sail with my Dad. It is so upsetting to see how it is now, and to remember how it was, (bring back the good old days). This is not the first time that I have visited New Brighton in recent years, but it is the first time I have visited in the evening, ( since the tall ships were first in Liverpool). I drove up to where the Tower stood, and we stopped and I tried to describe to my children what it used to be like. You may have gathered I am an older mum with young children, so I can remember what it was like. Gone has the pier. Oh, what joy it was to arrive on a Sunday afternoon after a ride on the ferry. Gone has the tower and fairground, the memories abound. And as time has gone on what has happened to all the shops. I remember standing in a queue for a ship shop in, I think it was Victoria Road?, at 10.00pm, when the tall ships where in port, and the traffic came to a standstill. We cannot turn back the clocks, but, oh I wish we could. New Brighton was a wonderful place to go, whether it was just a sail across the Mersey or for a holiday. Bring back the good old days, I WISH. Keep up the good work in helping us to remember what was, and teaching the young what was. Yours in remembrance Barbara Brien.

Very interesting site Diane.

One thing that always fascinated me as a child was the Guinness Clock which was displayed in Vale Park in the late 1950's. This was a copy of a mechanical clock which had been made by Guinness the brewers, for display at the Festival of Britain. Copies were made and New Brighton had one for a while. It was located as I recall outside the building which is now a cafe, near to the Bandstand.

Details of the Guinness Clocks are here

Bill Morrow

I enjoyed reading the historical background to the various locations mentioned on your website.

Perhaps I can contribute a little more from a personal point of view.

I was born in Wallasey in 1924, and lived in St. Brides Road, Egremont until I was nearly 5, when the family emigrated to Liverpool. I remember New Brighton as a thriving sea-side resort, with two fair grounds, pierrots and donkeys on the sands, and bathing in the sea - long before the wonderful swimming baths were built. The most impressive item in the Tower Grounds was the wooden built roller-coaster, and for a youngster, to ride on it was the thrill of a lifetime. The second fun fair was in the grounds of the Palace (burnt down in 1916), nearly opposite the Fort. All the round-abouts and swing-boats were in the open, and driven by electricity from the generators on the front of massive traction engines. I can still remember the sulphurous smell of these steam driven monsters, and the noise of the round-abouts and raucous music from steam organs. Under foot, the surface was a layer of cinders. As a 4 year old, I didn't much like walking on them.

Much later, in the 1950s, I was involved in a couple of productions on the stage of the Tower Theatre, and recorded Frankie Vaughan in a Sunday Concert there. Bill Gregson and his band were the resident performers. One year, I also had to supervise the P.A. installation for a Children's' Summer Show in the Tower Ballroom. By then, New Brighton was not so busy as it used to be, but was still alive and kicking. I went to the final concert of a choir contest in 1954 in the Floral Pavilion.

In 1955 I went to work in London, helping to get ITV going. I did not visit New Brighton again for nearly 30 years, and was saddened by what I found. It was a mere ghost of its former self. It is very heartening to hear that the area is to be regenerated, though I fear it will have a struggle to regain the vibrant atmosphere I remember so well.

Gordon Butler.

Hi I only visited this site out of curiosity. I live in Salford near Manchester and as a child was always taken to New Brighton for day trips. The last time I visited was with my own children about 15 years ago. The object of the visit was to see if the tower existed because no one would believe me that there was once a Tower there. I don't remember this tower but I have a china jug with a picture of the tower on it. Everyone tells me it must be a mistake and it is in fact Blackpool tower. I know now through this site that I was correct and will enlighten the family. Thank you for the information I gained by visiting this site.

Regards Val.

Hi Diane.
Have just found and enjoyed your sight. Do you know that after 40 odd years or more, after wondering why there was a "castle" at New Brighton, you have answer the question; Ta very much.
I left Liverpool when four, and the high light of my summer school holidays was seeing Gran in Liverpool, the Pier Head and a trip or two, by ferry, to New Brighton.
Nice sight, any chance of more pictures of the place to spark of more memories?
All the best,
Uncle Vic Priest.

Dear Dianne
The nostalgia is rising in me, I was born in Liverpool 1945, spent summers in the pool at New Brighton, watched Punch and Judy, rode on the donkeys and sat in the deckchairs, played in bombed houses and craters as a kid.
Left England 1954 as a 9 year old skowser for Australia. My grown family now have all heard my stories of Liverpool
and growing up there and Coventry.
My mother Eileen Parry nee Roberts is born and bred Liverpuddlian had a brother who owned a sweet shop in New Brighton.
Dad;s family owned the book shop in Liverpool and my wife and children visited some years back and had our photos taken in front with the sign.
The return was a bit iffy for me as the picture I had painted of New Brighton was not there anymore! What happened to the peir and the pool and the sandy beach? - Life goes on... Conventry was just the same as it was when we left in 1954!
Thanx for the memories

We used to go to the New Brighton 'Baths' when we were little but when we were teenagers the only place to be was on the balcony at the Derby. What a marvellous design feature the black tarmac proved to be in high summer, especially in 1976!
I remember listening to Wimbledon final there when Borg won for the first time. I remember too having a pass for the baths - we called it a contract and it was orange cardboard. You could get in both outdoor pools and the Guinea Gap (I was always fascinated by the orange squash dispenser at the cafe with plastic oranges floating round in it)

I left Wallasey in 1980 and after 16 years in the middle of London now live in a village on the border of Surrey and Hampshire with husband and two small boys. I worry that when they are teenagers there won't be a Chelsea Reach for them (it was my second home! In fact I probably spent more time there and in the Nelson than I did at home

Diana Reid
(Now Lovelock)

Born in 1955, Imost certainly do have extremely fond memories of New Brighton Baths.
My very first memory of it was back in 1961/62, myself and my cousin in our elasticated "cossies" sittingon the top of the fountain in the shallow end trying to stop the water fromspouting out!
If I close my eyes I can re-call the noises of the pool, the shrieking of the kids, all the splashing of water, the tanoy calling out a lost childs name (and there was plenty of those!)and the smell of all the different types of suntan creams, the smell of the water andof course the glorious heat of the sun beating down

Up until 10 yrs old I was accompanied there with my two younger sisters by my long suffering Mother who would sit for hours until we got fed-up and wanted to go home , complete with "butties" mainly paste that went very soggy whilst trying to eat them with wet hands and shivering at the same time!, and a huge bottle of watered down squash.If were lucky we were allowed to buy a lolly at the shop at the back of the pool,and warned not to talk to strangers.We spent most of the summer holidays there when the weather was nice.
A rather more vivid recollection of the pool was not so nice, I swam a little too near the diving area and the next thing I remember was touching the bottom of the pool with my feet and scrambling to the service thinking any minute my lungs were going to burst!.Thankfully at 14 I was an excellent swimmer and managed to survive the ordeal. I also remember frighting myself by swimming under water with goggles and peering through the port holes at the side of the pool thinking I saw something I never didi that again!.
As I got older 17/18 I was old enough to join my mates on the "posers balcony", the highest sun trap in the pool- as a kid I used to envy all those posers with their sultry tans and thought how gorgeous they all looked.
I was extremely saddened to hear the pool had been demolished because of the hurricane 1997.
The last time I visited New Brighton in 1991, ( I have lived in Kent since 1977) I was very upset to see the place, it was almost derelict in some parts.
I hope this was of interest to you, it was quite nice to recall those memories.

Hi Diane,

My daughter discovered your site. Superb! Strange to see there are others out there who think like me. I was born in 1950 and have just celebrated my 50th on June 4th. We lived in The Avenue off Egerton Street and spent most of our childhood in the Tower grounds and like most people who lived around that area, we ended up having some kind of job in the fairground. Most of my work was on the boating lake for which I got the princely sum of 10 shillings a day I think. I also worked on the paddle boats on the shore, and sometimes worked the deck chairs for Charlie Cook who also owned a sweet/gift shop in Victoria road. Charlie is still alive and well and lives off Albion Street with wife Pauline. I had quite a few relatives who were members of the lifeboat crew when it had a proper boat. I have a few photographs of fifties New Brighton including one of a street party for the coronation in Hope Street, one of what I presume is another party at the back of the Coop also Hope street. This could be the festival of Britain 1951. I also have a photograph of a kids party held in the lifeboat house in Egerton street in the early sixties. My Great Grandfather was piermaster at New Brighton for 25 years up until about 1923 when he died. My Auntie and Uncle had a little stall attached to the ice cream stall at the bottom of the Tower grounds. They weighed people for tuppence on a jockey scale. I believe that this was only one of two in the country if not the world. They still have the scales and all the weights and it must be a collectors item now. All polished brass! No they won't part with it!

My Mother used to wash the Rakers football team kit by hand. I used to take it up to the ground in an old pram all beautifully washed and folded properly. I was allowed in the changing rooms and used to be given thick brown tea that you could stand a spoon up in.

I could go on and on about New Brighton in the fifties and sixties. I still live in Wallasey and have done most of my life except for a stint of six years in the army. The thing about New Brighton was that you never got bored. Summer or Winter there was always something to do for us kids. We were no angels, but never malicious. We were poor but never short of money if we really needed it. Great days and I look forward to reading more from your marvelous web site. Thank you very much.

Hello Diane,

Have been using computers for almost ever but it has taken a long time for me to get on to the Internet and now, at a ripe old 77 I am finding it fascinating. I have taken the liberty of copying your whole site onto my hard disk so that I can digest and savour it all at leisure!

I was born in Liverpool (West Derby) in 1923 and always wanted to go to sea. The best I could manage were trips to New Brighton on the "Royal Daffodil" and "Royal Iris" and can recall once walking out into the sea in my new suit right up to my arm pits!

I did manage in 1939 to get a job with the Cunard White Star line and was sent to RMS "Andania" and completed a voyage to Montreal and Quebec. As the fates would have it we arrived back in Liverpool on 3rd September 1939 - the day war was declared. "Andania" was taken to the dockyards in Birkenhead and rapidly transformed into an armed merchant cruiser and shortly afterwards was torpedoed and sunk off Iceland whilst I was told that it was the end of my seafaring career.

Before I forget, one of the interesting features at New Brighton when I was a kid, was the so called "One Legged Diver" who used to dive off the pier or landing stage for money! I have never forgotten him!

I worked at the prestigious Aldelphi Hotel in Liverpool and went through the blitz when the Adelphi was hit by a landmine. I later had a personal introduction to Winston Churchill when I removed a nail from his shoe for him - honestly it DID happen!

In 1942 I joined the RN as a Sick Berth Attendant and after training at Barrow Gurney was drafted to Iceland for 10 months and eventually came out to Australia with the British Pacific Fleet - so this Liverpool lad DID getto go away to sea after all!

This e-mail is to tell you that tonight I found your fabulous "Pandora's Box" and thought it wonderful for all us expatriate "Scouses" scattered around this now tiny world. On a sadder note I found details of the terrible disaster involving the submarine HMS "Thetis" that sank with the loss of 100 lives in Liverpool Bay.

Thank you for filling my soul with nostalgia and memories of buckets and spades, Donkey rides and Punch and Judy and my dear departed dad with a knotted handkerchief on his head.

With heartfelt thanks

Kenneth Williams

Dear Diane
My name is Cheryl and i now live in Adelaide south Australia. I was born and raised in Liverpool 36 years ago. Your site has brought back many wonderful memories of driving through the Mersey tunnel with my family, and driving past all the streets that had the sea at the bottom of them and getting more and more excited the nearer we got. We used to buy the best fish and chips in the world (I travelled extensively before reaching this my final destination) so I know this for a fact!!?!! Is the shop still there? It used to be opposite the Chelsea Reach. Is that still there?
I am so impressed with the work that you have put into this site and I will continue to return for more golden memories thank you so much for taking the time to put this site together!!.

Dear Dianne
Excellent site. I was born in Wallasey in 1951 and lived at various times in Belgrave Street, Queensway and Vyner Road. I was at Wallasey Tech' b/w 1962 and 1968.
1966 had to be the year, I spent all summer at New Brighton baths. I can't believe that it's gone. I remember some Bulgarian Footballers being there one day taking a break from the World Cup at Goodison. I also was lucky enough to see Portugal v N.Korea 5 - 3 and Liverpool winning the title again!
I also used to have a Saturday job on Horace Hibbert's bread van. I think they were on Martins Lane by the Primrose Pub.
And who remembers Radio Caroline North? I have a picture of the ship hanging in my office now. The film the 'Magnet' mentioned by another writer was an Ealing comedy made in 1950.
Keep up the good work I'll write some more soon.
Andy Brizell (West Midlands)

I'm Danda Humphreys (Morris as was). I grew up on Magazine Brow in Wallasey in the 1940s and 50s. We moved to Alexandra Road, NB in 1958 and I lived there till starting nursing training.
What a trip down Memory Lane this has been! I practically lived at New Brighton Fairground in the summer -- I used to sneak out on my roller skates and race along the prom with a penny or whatever I'd been given. Never tasted Candy Floss so good as I tasted it there. And never went on a ride so often as I went on the Big Wheel and that one where you stuck to the wall. What was it called? It was a one-word name that sounded as awfully thrilling as the ride itself. Won my first talent competition prize (a pencil case) singing "Counting Your Blessings" on NB pier (my father was furious when he found out). Went to many a dance at the Tower Ballroom. Spent a huge part of every summer at NB Pool -- our Mum used to pack a picnic and we spent the whole day there, always sitting in the same spot, right down to the very same bench! As children, we went to the NB Pool on Opening Day every single year. It was quite the ritual, marked by going down the slide. First you climbed the cold iron ladder. Then you sat shivering at the top, with that ice-cold water running out from under your legs. Then, because everyone was yelling at you to "Get on with it!", you pushed off, holding your nose, and . . . Oh! The shock of that freezing cold water! It really took your breath away! But what a thrill, to have braved yet another Opening Day with the best of them. As children, we went to the NB Pool on Opening Day every single year. It was quite the ritual, marked by going down the slide. First you climbed the cold iron ladder. Then you sat shivering at the top, with that ice-cold water running out from under your legs. Then, because everyone was yelling at you to "Get on with it!", you pushed off, holding your nose, and . . . Oh! The shock of that freezing cold water! It really took your breath away! But what a thrill, to have braved yet another Opening Day with the best of them.
I've lived in Canada now for almost 30 years, but have never forgotten that pool. This brought back so many memories! I'm coming over for a visit next May. My sister lives in Willaston now. We always go on a pilgrimage to Wallasey and NB. Won't be the same without the old pool.
I write about LOCAL history here in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and have just published a book! My first! Quite a thrill.
Good for you. Great web site!

Dear Diane,
Looking over your site and found it very interesting.
I came to New Brighton as a kid in the sixties from Birkenhead and have strong memories of the place. I like to visit as often as possible and always watch the old Ealing film "The Magnet" do you know it. It was made in 1950 and shot mainly on location in new brighton which is fascinating to see. I wonder if any of your visitors have any recollections of the were they extras in it as they used alot of locals. It would be wonderful to hear from you with any information on this. Meanwhile I shall keep visiting your site. Bye for now,

Hi Diane
I'm not from New Brighton but have very fond memories of going there as a young child in the 60's.
I was born and brought up in Shrewsbury but both my parents came from Birkenhead and my grandparents lived there in Birch Rd Oxton. Every summer our holiday involved going to stay with my grandparents whilst my mum & dad went away together on his scooter!
One of the highlights of going to Birkenhead was going to New Brighton which for me was the only experience I ever had of seaside holidays. We loved it. For a start, we used to be able to go on the top deck of the bus to get there (Shrewsbury never had double decker buses!) and we all used to be desperately looking out to see who could see the sea first! There was the excitement of just seeing the place - it always seemed so breezy and bright and full of promise.
The first thing we did was go to the funfair where we used to have a go at hooking out a duck to see if it had a lucky number on the bottom - it never did!!
We watched Punch & Judy had donkey rides but the best thing was just digging in the sand to try and get to Australia!
For years, I always thought that the seaside meant a view across to oil storage tanks and docks which seemed so normal to me. Later in life I never quite got used to an uninterrupted view to the horizon!! For me New Brighton was and always will be the ultimate beach holiday destination.
Once we grew up (early teens) we stopped going and I went back age 24 in 1983 to see what it was like. You will know obviously but it was bleak and seemed to bear no relation to my earlier memories. I now have a 4 year old daughter and we've been to see New Brighton and been on the ferry although the magic seems to be rooted in the past (we're off to Florida next week which is I guess how things move on with each generation).
But the reason I was looking up your site was because quite out of the blue my daughter asked me this morning about "the song you used to sing with Grandma" after some prompting i found out she meant "ferry across the mersey" and i was trying to get the lyrics. So maybe a bit of the magic has seeped in to her!!
Take care and thanks for making me think back. When I was a kid I would have been so jealous of anyone who actually lived there!!

Hi Diane, hope you enjoyed your trip to sunny California. Just finished reading your article on New Brighton Pool, GREAT. I always had an annual pass for the Pool, and spent many happy days there. The photo of the storm damage was heart breaking! If I remember correctly, Johnny Wiessmueller, (Tarzan), gave a diving exhibition there in the late forties.
Regards, David

Hi there Diane,
My name is Brian Scott, in 1928 I was sent to live with my grandparents in New Brighton. I remained with them until 1942 when I joined the RAF.
I attended Vaughan Road School and then the Wallasey Central School which originally was sited at Vaughan Rd and then moved to Coronation Street. I believe that building is now the Weatherhead School.
Your web site is really a fabulous and most interesting production and you are to be congratulated for undertaking such a project.
As you can imagine, I have reached that age when I find my thoughts turning back to my earlier years and your site has highlighted memories of my youth spent in the best place that one could choose.
I was informed of the New Brighton Site by an old school friend of Vaughan Rd days, Kathleen Calver (nee Sumner) who now lives in Tasmania.
We correspond via email quite frequently.
I have also been able to contact Bill Frost, another old school chum of Central School days, he is living in the Lake District and I shall inform him of your site.
After the war I came out to Canada in 1947 and have lived in most of the Provinces, due to a number of years in the RCAF.
My wife and I have visited N.B. a number of times over the years and I was most disturbed to see that little had been done to clean up Victoria Road from the results of the blitz. I was also shocked to find the swimming pool demolished as a result of a storm, but what really surprised me was to find that there was no plan to rebuild it. That, I think, was a major reason for the decline in the area's popularity as a holiday resort.
However, on more recent visits I was pleased to see that reconstruction of Victoria Road was well under way.
I think, Diane, that is enough for now, my intention was simply to thank you for affording me a great deal of pleasure.
Thank you again. Sincerely,
Brian Scott.

Dear Diane
Thanks for all the time you spent trying to find my family home "Montebello". Through your wonderful pages a gentleman wrote to our family that he used to live next door in a home called "The Slopes". My PICKERING family occupied "Montebello" St. Georges Mount from about 1860 to 1893 and I was wondering if any of your readers might be familiar with the home.
I've never been to New Brighton but through my genealogy research I can see that our family has very strong ties with the area and I can't wait to plan my trip to England next year - New Brighton will be my first stop! Thanks again for your beautiful website.
Connie Pickering Stover,

Dear Diane
I was the person who wrote asking about "Montebello" on St. Georges Mount. Well, since you wrote to me I received two letters from gentlemen who lived nearby in the 1940's and remembers it well. I hope you'll visit my website again and read what they had to say. I would love it if you would link my page to yours somehow. Could that be done? I believe one of the gentlemen found me through your comments pages, but I'm not sure.
Anyhow, thank you for your wonderful pages. They really help us get a flavor of what New Brighton is and was like. I really look forward to visiting in the next few years. I am planning to make the trip to Liverpool and continue my research.
Please visit us again - and click on "Montebello"
I would love to hear your comments.
Connie Pickering Stover

What a super site!!! - I've only just started browsing it, but love it already.
I also emigrated with my mother and brother from Liverpool in about 1942 to New Brighton, and never looked back for a moment - in 1953 I crossed the water again, this time to Canada, and have lived here ever since - but New Brighton still feels like home.
Very best wishes - keep up the good work

I remember a man that visited the pool every day it was open. I don't recall his name but all the children knew him as a kindly gent. He had a permanent tan and unfortunately, a deformed arm and leg. There were many rumours regarding his disability amongst the children. The most popular and poignant being he had once been a champion diver and during a particularly difficult dive from the highest board, the wind caught him and blew him onto one of the lower boards. I can't help thinking of him whenever New Brighton Baths is mentioned and I never did find out his name. I hope you are still well.
I have fond memories of my early teens at the baths including some of my first romantic encounters. Together with my five brothers and sister, we staked our claim to a favourite spot each day of the school holidays, (the sun was hotter and lasted longer in those days it seemed) and we didn't leave until the pool men chased us out. Getting in was an adventure and a challenge when funds were short, but I won't go into that here. (We all tried it.)
My two daughters, too young to remember even seeing the demolition, find it hard to believe there ever was this magical place in New Brighton, even when confronted with photographic evidence, and looking at the area now, sometimes so do I.

Hi Diane: Greetings from California!
I'm not sure if the following will be of any interest to you for inclusion into you "history", but I came across it the other day and thought I'd send it on to you. On D Day the British troops landing on Gold, Juno and Sword beaches were commanded by General Miles P. Dempsey. (b. Dec15, 11896 - d. June5, 1969) . I knew of Dempsey's part in the invasion, what I didn't know was that he was born in New Brighton. It's only a tiny nugget, I'm afraid. I don't know of any other "important" people (with the possible exception of you and me) whose port of entry to the world was New Brighton.
Regards. Ron Pollitt.

Hi Diane,
Came across your site quite by accident and what a lovely accident.
We grew up in Ellesmere Port and spent many Sunday picnics in New Brighton, what lovely memories I have. Our family moved to South Africa in 1983 and we all have fond memories, I am now in Australia and cant wait to forward this sight on to my sisters back in SA. Many thanks for a lovely site, keep up good work.
Tracy Bache

I found your site whilst looking for my roots! Did anyone out there go to either Park Infants school in Wallasey, Poulton Juniors, or Somerville Middle School all in Wallasey? I would love to hear from anyone who was at Park Juniors from 1965/6 and onwards to the other schools. Also, did you attend Weatherhead in the early 1970's? I lived in Cliff Road Wallasey from 1965 until 1974 and have very little contact with anyone from that period. I spent my childhood at Guinea Gap baths, New Brighton Pool and Harrison Drive. When I matured (?) I progressed to the Chelsea Reach and The New Guinea in New Brighton. I would love to hear any memories from that time.
My friends at the time were Ann Taylor and Alison Heap. Does anyone remember Phil Steggles? He danced for Ruby Flipper on Top of the Pops. I also have a sister Tracey if anyone remembers her. Does anyone remember Debbie Yates? Yvonne Brewer, Lyn Steen, David Williams, Alison Liptrot, John McGlasson? Philip Christensen (Tubby) David Grey (Brainbox) Julie and Karen McLean (the triplets!) Irene Ellison? Please contact me if you do.
Caroline Marks (nee Fairall) now living a sensible life in London!

Hi - I really enjoyed your site on the history of New Brighton. I lived there as a very young child (in North Drive) and have relatives there. I well remember the fire at the Tower Ballroom. My uncle was a fireman at the time and my aunt took me to see him at work! My most vivid memory is of the fire engines returning laden with fire damaged toys rescued from the basement - the prizes for all the fairground stalls were kept down there. I also remember lying awake at night and hearing the bells on the buoys in the Mersey channel - a mournful sound.
Thanks for the memories - Jon Pinnington

Hello Diane ,just read your page on the tower grounds etc, very good, I remember playing around the fairground in the 60's when we were quite small, I saw the fire that destroyed it,my brothers and mates used to go in the Tivoli fairground amusement arcade and look for pennies left behind by "punters", we also used to climb the wall and get into watch rakers play on a Saturday then we would go down to the beach etc etc,when we got home we would be told off for going on the beach, despite denials the give away was the salt tide mark around your shoes, we learned to go to vale park and wipe off the salt with the grass,
Sure you know that the Beatles played the Tower amongst many others, John lennon is quoted in the Beatles Biog SHOUT that "some fella threw a brick at me and just missed me head ,we didn't like playing the tower after that! anyway that's all for now, best wishes Sean.

I came upon your site by accident.
I remember the ferries well, having been born in Upper Brighton in 1937, then moving to New Brighton, going to Vaughan Rd. school, Wallasey Technical school (Coronation Ave) and then commuting by ferry to Liverpool University.
My mother lived in New Brighton most of her life and died only a couple of years ago. My father died some years back but I believe lived all of his life there. I still have an Aunt living there.
I remember when you found it difficult to move along Victoria road just after the war as it was so crowded with holidaymakers.
Good luck with the site......................Tom Mather.

I'm like those who have written before me ,just got your site sent to me and by gosh I'm sitting here in Oklahoma with 60 degree temps outside shivering with goose bumps everywhere sure does make a body homesick.I married my husband in 1955 so have most of the memories others recalled.Went to Vaughan Road school (any other alumni out there) lived on Liscard Road did ballroom dancing at the Tower and Square dancing on the pier, boy were they the day's, I could even move pretty good then. Thanks alot for the memories Cheers Midge Donathan nee Thurlow

I stumbled on your site quite by chance and what pleasant memories it revived.
I was born, and indeed still live, in Birkenhead and spent many enjoyable days in New Brighton like so many others who live locally.
I can remember as a child swimming from the beach into the waters of the Mersey. Not something I would encourage my own children to do these days.One memory I have that doesn't seem to have been mentioned in your pages is the New Brighton joke shop. It was situated in a road that ran parallel to Victoria Road. We would often make the journey to New Brighton just to stockup on stink bombs.
I still go down to New Brighton with my own children and walk along the front. Watching the enthusiasts with their model boats on the miniature boating lake. But, alas, the place has never rekindled those halcyon days despite all the good intentions we keep reading about in the local papers.
Still, it's nice that your pages can preserve those memories. Who said nostalgia is not what it used to be <g>
Gary Holmes. ÙøÙ

I'm an ex-Liverpudlian who is writing to you from Cincinnati, OH, USA. What fun to visit your website and relive fond memories of my childhood when we would go the "New Brighton Baths" as we called it back the. The first time we were there it was like an Enchanted World to us and we did not have swimsuits with us. I can't believe we knew so little about hygeine , but my Mum actually rented horribly itchy woolly bathing costumes that were available on site. The underparts came down to your knees in the water, but we had a wonderful time anyway even though we would turn blue with the cold. We were there many times in the late forties up to the mid fifties (with our own suits - even we knew enough to draw the line). Still have snapshots of my whole family lined up for some reason in front of a great weighing machine.
Going to New Brighton used to be the highlight of our summer. So sad to see it all washed away in a storm I'm getting a book ready for publication on my own Liverpool past and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down memory lane that your website provided.
Thanks for the memories
Margaret Freedman

Hi - I really enjoyed your site on the history of New Brighton. I lived there as a very young child (in North Drive) and have relatives there. I well remember the fire at the Tower Ballroom. My uncle was a fireman at the time and my aunt took me to see him at work! My most vivid memory is of the fire engines returning laden with fire damaged toys rescued from the basement - the prizes for all the fairground stalls were kept down there. I also remember lying awake at night and hearing the bells on the buoys in the Mersey channel - a mournful sound.

Thanks for the memories - Jon Pinnington


Wandered into your web site on New Brighton, delightfull. I was born and raised in New Brighton, bombed out of our home in 1940, lived in Liverpool, and the family returned to New Brighton in 1945. We lived in the "Slopes" St Georges Mount, and I have many fond memories of New Brighton Pool, the Tower Ballroom, the Promenade and the adventures as a boy exploring the "Red Noses." I have a good book, "The Rise and Progress of Wallasey," by E.C.Woods & P.C.Brown, first published in 1929 with a second edition in 1960. I also have a copy of a small book entitled Wallasey Urban District Council, Year Book for 1900-1901.

Although I left Wallasey in 1958 for the United States, I have many fond memories. My Uncle owned the tobacinest shop in Liscard, and at one time the family was well known in Wallasey. My eldest brother owned the Real Estate company, Bakewell & Son. I would be happy to share with you any memories or facts I have, growing up in the area.

My Web address is -

Hello there,

Just browsing and your Web caught my eye. You have done an excellent job, with lots of care. I have memories of many happy visits to New Brighton on one of those bright yellow double deck buses from my home in Birkenhead, in the late twenties/early thirties.

Good luck for the future, to you. Bill Clark.

Hi Diane,

I have enjoyed reading your page, as I used to live in Wallasey, and spent a lot of time in New Brighton, now living in Canada since 1948.

I was reading comments by others, and regarding the one signed by Nick, looking for pictures of the Red Noses, there is such a picture on a web site I also have a web page, with a memory page of Wallasey, a couple of Pictures of New Brighton.

Have a happy New Year

Regards Don

The last time Miss Eliza Jane Hartill saw New Brighton was in 1891 for at the age of 21, she sailed from her home in Liverpool. She must have loved New Brighton for there are photographs of her as a sweet little old lady enjoying holidays on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, U. S. A., with a faraway look in her eyes. I was delighted to visit your page and see some of the sites she left behind 108 years ago. I never met this great-grandmother; however, her happy memories of excursions to New Brighton Beach were passed down to me. Keep up your fine efforts to preserve a National treasure.


Mississippi, U.S.A.

Dear Diane.

Thanks For The Memories. I am from Birkenhead originaly but spent many a great day in New Brighton.

Does any one else remember the Tivoli theatre? My granmother used to take me there,especialy at Christmas time for the pantomime. Been living in Canada since 1975 but get home often and always spend some time in New Brighton.

Len Tudor

Very interested to see my dear old friend New Brighton on the internet, we used to go as a family to New Brighton, travelling from Leigh in Lancashire for some memorable days out. I must point out though that some of my fondest memories centre around the football ground, when from around 1970 through to 1975 ish I used to go and watch Stock Car racing at what was then the fastest track in the country, there is still no track that can match it even in the late 1990's!

I will keep my eye out for any further info, best wishes to N.B..


Hi. I live in Australia now, but spent all my childhood and youth in New Brighton, I have one query, I seem to recollect going the pier in the 50's but according to your lit. it was closed then. Apart from that I thought your presentation was great , boy what fantastic memories came flooding back, thanks again.


Hello Diane

Just a quick note to say what superb web pages! My interest in New Brighton goes back to when I was a small child in the 1950s and we used to travel each year from Liverpool to Belfast to see my relatives. As we used to sail from Liverpool at dusk, the lights of New Brighton used to twinkle across the Mersey and to a small child like myself it used to look like a magical land. By the time I actually got round to visiting the town in the early 1970s there was just enough left to give an idea of what the resort must once have been like. In a junk shop opposite the station I purchased some picture postcards of the resort at the turn of the century and a 1964 guide. With those and the aid of a street map I was able to wander round and discover quite a lot of places I would have otherwise missed.

Since then I have visited the resort several times since then and always found it strangely fascinating, although each time I visit there is alwaysanother bit of history missing. On my last visit at the end of last year I was saddened to find the bottom half of Victoria Road missing and replaced by housing.

I am pleased that at last people are taking the history of the resort seriously, not only are there your web pages, but Anthony Miller's excellent book too.

Best wishes

Chris Clegg (Birmingham)

Hi Diane....awesome site....grew up on the Woodchurch...great memories of New Brighton...always visit when I go home.....regards Bob


Loved your site. I now live in Canada (Calgary), but visited New Brighton when I was a kid. My father was a bus driver with Manchester Corporation and he also wanted a better life for his family. We moved a little further than you did.

Thanks again for the memory recharge.


Hello Diane

I was born in Liverpool and have not been in New Brighton for over 50 years. As a small child I crossed the Mersey many times to play in the sands of New Brighton.

My uncle had a toy store. I believe it was in New Brighton, Egremont or Seacombe. I don't know if I have the spelling correct. I could not open your picture of the Ferries. But I remember taking the ferries from the Liverpool pier head or going through the Mersey tunnel. Thanks for the memories. I book marked your page.

Best regards



Dear Diane. I loved your website. This brought back many many memories for me. I was born in Liverpool (Dingle) but moved to Wallasey during the war. We spent all of our fun times in New Brighton. I married a GI and came to the US in 1953. Our children have visited New Brighton also and loved it, now we are planning to bring our grandchildren. Will be checking often for more additions.

Regards, Jeanette. Kansas City, USA


Reference to an earlier posting on your site.........yesterday we arrived back in the US after taking our 9 1/2 yr. old grandson from St. Louis, Missouri on his first visit to my homeland. What a thrill it was to see this child running on the sands of New Brighton, the very place where I spent endless happy hours many many ago. I think New Brighton and the Ferry boat ride were the highlights of his trip. We have 7 more grandchildren waiting in the wings (oh my!) WONDERFUL just doesn't seem adequate.

Jeanette, Kansas City, USA


I am an American but spent a lot of my childhood in New Brighton. It brought back some great memories, especially the castle and the ballroom. Just need pictures of the Red Noses -- where we used to play on Sunday's -- to complete the memories.

Great Web Page,


I am a newcomer to New Brighton having moved here from Liverpool 21 years ago. I was told about the website by my sister who lives in California! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, as I love listening to the older residents reminisce. New Brighton is a very special place and I can't imagine living anywhere else. Keep up the good work.


Hi, Diane.

I came across your site tonight after a call from my nephew, Dave.

Congratulations ! In my book it`s a winner.

I`m 52 and was born in Wallasey, with New Brighton being a continual source of enjoyment to me up to my late teens. I spent many a happy day there with family, friends, or just alone.

I would dearly love to see some regeneration of the old place but I really think that the Council is just paying lip-service - but you never know - here`s hoping.

I wrote a song some years back called "Where`s New Brighton Gone ?" I think it says it all.

Anyway enough of that, I`m going all melancholy.

Interesting site, well laid out - I`ll visit again.



I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your new Brighton Site. It reminds me a great deal of our Coney Island in Brooklyn New York -- which was once a resort area visited by millions each year. Today -- it is still a part of New York City -- but nothing at all like it was back in the 1950's and before.

I think what has happened to places like these is that air travel has made any destination in the world more accessible -- so why go to a place a short ride away when you can fly to a Caribbean, Mediterranean or Pacific island.

But -- it is important for us to remember the wondrous things our grandparents experienced (certainly wondrous to them) -- or, perhaps, built.

Best regards,



Hi name is Suzanne. I lived in New Brighton from 1960 - 1976 born in Highfield Maternity in the 1950's (that's as close as we will get on that subject).

I remember in 1960 when the chairlift was being built, my brother John and I were the first children to go up on it before it was open to the public as the men who built it lived in our road.....we lived in Balmoral Road. When I was in my teens the place I used to go was the KRAAL, later it became the Golden Guinea I dont know if its still open it was in 1996 when I last came home.

I used to work in the Chelsea Reach in 1972 when it first opened I think its called RJ's now?

I now live in Australia (Brisbane) and have done for quite a few years but I love to come home and walk on the Prom and walk in Vale Park (do they still have "childrens showtime" on the bandstand) and have a drink in the Mags and Pilot thats where I did all my courting. We are coming home next year in October i can't wait !!!!!

Best Regards


Australia (Brisbane)

I found your New Brighton site really interesting, I was born and brought up in New Brighton and it is still very much part of my memories, the last time I was in England in 1980 I went back for a visit. I think I shall visit your site quite frequently.

thank you


Brisbane, Australia.


I loved your site. I was raised in Egremont and spent many happy hours in New Brighton. I also lived there on Shiel Road, when I got out of the Army. I worked there as a member of the Wallasey police in the 60s, before I came to Canada.

Bob Taylor

Dear Diane,  

Just a quick note to say I stumbled across your site on New Brighton a few weeks ago and have since visited it frequently. I am a foreign Import to Wallasey having married my Wife Paddy (Patricia) nee Mossman a Wallasey lass in the mid 70ís. When I showed Paddy your site I couldnít get on my PC for days she and I are both pleased someone has taken the time to mix nostalgia with modern technology and your do you remember me section makes fascinating reading.

 Kevin Saul 

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