The New Brighton Pier


The New Brighton Promenade Pier was built in 1867 adjacent to the ferry pier on the north side. It was opened on the 7th September, 1867 and completed on the 9th April, 1868. It was 550 feet long and 70 feet wide. It had a pavilion where the pierrots, Aldeler and Sutton took their shows from the beach. The entrance was through the turnstiles on the ferry pier and people entered as they came off the ferry boat. In the early days, this was the only entrance the promenade pier ending some yards from the promenade. There were Smoking rooms and Rest rooms on the pier and when alterations were carried out in 1913 a new Pavilion was built.

The pier closed in 1923 and four years later the Wallasey Corporation became its new owners and re-opened it with its own entrance from the promenade. The whole of the pier was rebuilt in 1931 at a cost of £45,000.

Picture of the Pier from Victoria Road

Picture of the Pier looking down from Victoria Road

The Pavilion Theatre

As in other resorts the pier had its own theatre, it was not built to high standards but some good turns could be seen on its stage. The theatre was about 130 feet in length and was used for Concerts, Flower Shows and the like. Various shows were held there during the 1800's and towards the end of the century.

At the end of the 1908 season the theatre was closed down for general improvements on the decor, seats and stage, there was even heating installed!! The theatre reopened on 15th March 1909 .

Some early films were shown between acts and a short season of plays were staged, in the winter now the theatre had heating installed pantomimes were performed with great success.

As other theatres on the resort attracted larger crowds the Pavilion theatre died off and was eventually closed in 1923.


End of the Pier

The closure of the New Brighton Ferry affected the life of the promenade pier. Fortes Limited became the owners in 1968, carrying out repairs and it continued for a time, but it was not a paying proposition. After much discussion, the pier was dismantled in 1978, the ferry pier having been demolished some five years earlier.

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