Pitch Inspections

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Are you prepared for Pitch Inspections ? As we are in the months where you may be needed to make some difficult decisions here are some tips for you to use or at least think about

Get an idea of the weather, both what we've had, what we are going to get before kick off, at kick off time and for the duration of the match. Be prepared - have a local forecast printed off or on your smartphone ?

If the weather is potentially iffy - would you arrive at the ground earlier ?

How can you better 'sell' your decision to play or not to play ?

Be seen, get out on the pitch, get and idea what it is like initially.

Make contact with the groundsman or club secretary - they know their pitch better than anyone.

  • If the groundsman knows he can 'work' on the pitch - give him every opportunity to. Don't call a game off just as he starts forking or sanding a problem area.

  • Be ready to get changed and get our with a ball onto the pitch. You will get a better idea of the what the surface is like with boots on and how players will find it to keep their footing.

  • Be professional through out - It is not a kick about with your assistants. Be seen - more people who perhaps see the ball sticking in the water for example will accept the decision you make.

  • Never commit yourself if you say the pitch is playable - A better phrase is "the pitch is playable at this time - we will keep an eye on it if conditions change"

  • Communicate your thought process and any decisions with all involved, team managers, secretaries, groundsman and players.

  • Do not be influenced once you have made your decisions - Players will want to play on any surface.

  • Safety of the Players is your prime concern.

  • Once you have made your decision to postpone a game - leave. Do not hang around once you have informed all the main parties, you will get the usual person who will disagree with your decision not to play.

  • Inform your league secretary and if you know an assessor has been appointed, don't forget to let them know.

  • Remember it is never "an easy decision" to postpone a game.